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How We Made Make Social

Apr 30, 2021 | 0 comments

Hi, we’re Mel and Carly, founders of Make Social. Our mission is to give women the tools they need to feel empowered to market themselves and their businesses with confidence and clarity.


Because we recognise the impact harnessing social media marketing has had on our own lives and want to share our expertise. As far as we’re concerned, the more women out there defining their own success and then smashing it, the better!


How it started

We both had careers in other industries – Mel worked in retail for 15 years and Carly spent a decade in marketing and communications. The thing that changed everything was starting our families.

Neither of us wanted to be chained to a desk or worrying about making nursery pick up on time. We wanted the flexibility to work around our families and build careers that we love. Luckily for us, retraining in social media management was the route we both chose to take!

We met on a course in 2017 and Make Social was born!


How it’s going

Today, we have a thriving business built on the foundation of our fabulous relationship. We are the epitome of the phrase ‘work wives’!

We help women – often also mothers – who run their own businesses harness the power of social media marketing through both organic and paid activity. We’ve worked with fabulous brands including The Positive Planners, The Beauty Boutique, VisAVis Beauty and Skin Clinic, to name but a few, and offer a mix of support, consultancy and training.

Whilst we both have our strengths (Mel’s a whizz with Canva and is always creating something amazing and Carly’s organisation means that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed) we work collaboratively on all aspects of our business, pooling our knowledge and perspectives.


How we got here

The last year has been an eye-opener for us! Like everyone else, we had to change the way we work and it gave us an opportunity to take a hard look at what we were offering and to who. We’ve not so much pivoted as refined our approach, we’ve also decided to roll some of the elements of our own lives and outlooks into our business.

This is why you’ll see us talking more about wellbeing and the ways in which you can prioritise and protect yourself when running your own business. It’s important for us to take a mindful approach to our work to maintain the headspace we fought so hard for when taking the leap and starting out on our own. Working in social media has some unique challenges – there are plenty of doom-scrolling pitfalls waiting for you if you don’t take the time and care to avoid them!

Isolation has perhaps also brought community to the front of our minds, which is why we started our Facebook group: Social Media Marketing for Women in Business. We wanted to create a welcoming space for women to share ideas and ask questions about anything connected to social media, positive mindset and running a business with a family.


Where we’re headed

The future’s bright. The future’s social. (Sorry, showing our age a bit there!)

We’re not ones for standing still, we like to always be pressing forward. Early in the year we started an intensive coaching course to bring an additional element to the support we’re able to offer our clients.

We’re also launching our very first course, which we’ll be able to tell you all about very soon!

And, most exciting of all, the Make Social family is growing – Carly has baby number three on the way later this year!

As you can see, there’s lots coming up, we’re so glad that you’re coming along for the ride!

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