Supercharge Your Product Sales


Get ahead of the game with your Q4 social media marketing and smash your sales!

Without a doubt, October–December is the busiest part of the year when it comes to e-commerce. As a small, product-based business, it can be overwhelming thinking ahead to the period that is likely to bring in up to 60% of your sales for the year. 

That’s why we’ve created our SUPERCHARGE YOUR PRODUCT SALES: The essential Q4 Survival guide for E-commerce businesses. It’s a fabulous bundle of information, resources and templates to help you plan ahead and get everything in place for the end of the year. 

With everyone competing for sales in a crowded online marketplace, you need to step up your visibility to make the most of the opportunities the busiest shopping period of the year provides. But spending lots of time and energy focusing on your social media marketing can take you away from the important work of running your actual business. 

That’s where we come in. Supercharge Your Product Sales is designed to let you simplify your online marketing and to take the stress out of the whole process. We’ve put together all the resources and inspiration you need to create and implement a plan that will see you smash your busiest period of the year!

Don’t leave your success to chance, get ahead of the game and maximise the potential of your social media marketing.

Before we would maybe work a couple of weeks in advance, but now we are very much planning the next month ahead. We’re much more organised. We are much more strategic in how we look at certain promotions.

Buy Supercharge Your Product Sales: The Essential Q4 Survival guide for E-commerce Businesses

Why do I need a Q4 survival guide?


You know you need to ramp up your social media marketing during October, November and December but aren’t quite sure how to make the most of the seasonal opportunities.


You’re feeling the pressure of relying on the last three months to deliver the majority of your sales for the year.


You’ve previously lurched through Q4 feeling overwhelmed and constantly busy and want to get prepared ahead of time this year.


You want to be able to shift the focus away from worrying about your social media marketing and towards delivering the products your customers want.

What’s included?

Supercharge Your Product Sales is jam-packed with everything you need to plan for and then smash the last three months of the year!

The workbook contains all the prompts and inspiration you need to get visible, including:


Setting your goals for Q4

Looking at your customer journey

Choosing your offers


Deciding on your content themes


Outlining your campaigns

Incorporating user-generated content

To help you with your planning, we’ve included useful tools like a goal setting planner, a checklist and a list of important dates to remember and relevant hashtags to consider. 

On top of all of this, we’ve done lots of the hard work for you and created three incredible monthly content planners for October, November and December! These fully editable Canva templates include posts, ideas for stories and reels and cover everything you need to get visible over the three-month period. Just personalise and you’ll be good to go!

Stop burying your head in the sand and give your business the best preparation you can for Q4. Then relax, knowing you’ve got everything in place!

Mel and Carly are such creative people. You just bring what you’ve got, and they will give you tips. They can really help you thrive on these platforms. It’s really nice to hand something over and feel like it’s in safe hands and that they’re going to come up with something that is true to you and your brand. This is what they do brilliantly.

Why listen to us?

Our mission is to give women the tools they need to feel empowered to market themselves and their businesses with confidence and clarity.

We recognise the impact harnessing social media marketing has had on our own lives and want to share our expertise. As far as we’re concerned, the more women out there defining their own success and then smashing it, the better! 


Full Q4 Survival Guide bundle including workbook, goal setting planner, checklists, important dates to remember, monthly content planners, templates and more for just…

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From 1st October 2021

It’s enabled us to turn our business that was a kitchen table business into a brand with a community.

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