Case study

How we freed up our client’s creative time – and doubled their stats

“It’s been transformational.”

– Ali, Co-Founder & Director at The Positive Planners

The Positive Planners (aka Ali + Finn) are on a mission to empower as many people as possible to make mental health a priority. They create beautiful, inspiring, and informative planners, journals, artworks, and workshops designed to encourage self-care and support well-being.

The Challenge: Business Needs vs Burnout

From a crowdfunded idea to selling over 40,000 books in the first three years of business, Ali + Finn were over the moon with their success. But with mental well-being at the forefront of their vision, they realised their own digital boundaries were at odds with their business needs.

“What we were finding is that we were just burning out, and the constant content creation was taking us away from what we really needed to do, which was to propel the business forward, design new products, and find new markets.”


↑ Website clicks (in 4 months)


↑ Social media followers

Facebook Ads Converted

Practising what they preach, The Positive Planners knew they had to prioritise their mental health and take time away from social media.

But first: they needed to find the right people.

“We really needed people who thought outside the box and were creative, but who understood mental health as well. We try to make people feel good, and we have to be mindful about everything we post. We also needed to keep our personality in there.”

The Solution: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This was when Make Social stepped in: bursting with creativity, compassion, and a zest for big-hearted, female-led businesses.

The Positive Planners had found their perfect match.

“There was an immediate release of just feeling that it was in hand and that things were being planned.”

With their collaborative approach, Make Social became quickly in sync with The Positive Planners, preparing content in advance and delivering a bespoke strategy. They also took on the Facebook Page, Instagram Feed, Facebook Ads, and funnel marketing.

All of this meant Ali + Finn could take a deep, calm breath before focusing on the parts of the business that light them up.

“They’re such creative people. You just bring what you’ve got, and they will give you tips. They can really help you thrive on these platforms. It’s really nice to hand something over and feel like it’s in safe hands and that they’re going to come up with something that is true to you and your brand. This is what they do brilliantly.”