Supercharge Your Strategy

Create a plan that will deliver the results you want to see from your social media marketing

Do you find yourself struggling with getting more visible on social media?

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to marketing yourself online?

Is a lack of digital marketing skills and knowledge holding you back from growing your business?

Do you want to build a comprehensive strategy you can implement straight away and produce instant results?

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or you’re more established, if you want to create a social media marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level, this course is for you.

Supercharge Your Strategy is designed to guide you to build an actionable plan, perfectly tailored to your business and your vision of growth.

Make Social have helped us plan and execute a multitude of creative ideas and campaigns and given us the support we need to organise our marketing and advertising activity.

Thank you Carly and Mel for helping our business to reach its true potential. You are a dream team!

What will supercharging your strategy mean for you?


Freedom from uncertainty around your social media marketing. Say goodbye to your fear of failure and that sense of being stuck.


Being able to approach your digital marketing with confidence, knowing your next steps and how to take them.


Sharing your story and authentic self with your ideal audience, selling yourself without pushy sales tactics.


Challenging yourself to build new habits and open your mindset to the possibilities available to you.


More time to spend on actively growing your business.


Experiencing the support of experts and a community of like-minded business owners.

How does the course work?

Set over six weeks, the course is made up of six pre-recorded modules for you to work through with the support of weekly group coaching sessions. No one understands your business better than you, which is why we’ve designed this interactive program to give you access to our expertise and the methods you need to create your ideal strategy. 

The course is a combination of recorded modules, masterclasses, homework assignments and live Q&A coaching sessions. Together, we’ll build a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that you can implement straight away for instant results. You will also be welcomed into a dedicated online community space where you can share your progress and bounce ideas around with other women on the same journey.

During the six weeks you will:


Discover the fundamentals of social media marketing and how to maximise their impact on your business.


Build a social media marketing strategy perfectly tailored to you and your goals.


Embrace mindset work with weekly exercises to build confidence, banish limiting beliefs and empower you to believe in your own ability to grow your business in the way you want.


Get access to free bonus material including our guide to optimising your platforms and a lesson on influencer research and engagement.

Modules will be released every Monday for six weeks, starting June 14th. The live sessions will be held on Thursdays and a replay will be available if you can’t make it at the scheduled time. 

Course Outline


Week 1 – Welcome

We set out the ground rules in terms of what you can expect and the level of commitment we want to see from you. We’ll work through your business overview and goals and lead you in the first of your weekly mindset exercises. You’ll also receive a free bonus download on optimising your platforms. 

Week 2 – Your Audience

It’s time to stop thinking about you and start focusing on your customer. Who are they? Where are they? What motivates them? What experience are they looking for you to provide?


Week 3 – Tone of Voice

We’ll explore the importance of consistency within your messaging and how to achieve this. You’ll also learn about content pillars – what they are and how you can use them to tell your story online.


Week 4 – Content

This is where it gets really juicy, as we share all our expertise on content. What to post, where to post it and how often. What formats to use and how to create them. Tips and tricks for keeping on top of your scheduling and how to find the balance between adding value for your audience and actively selling your product or services. 

Week 5 – Insights and analytics

Now that you’ve got a handle on the content, it’s time to find out if what you’re doing is working. We’ll cover insights, metrics and analytics – where to find them and how to customise and extract them to get the most out of them. There’ll also be a free bonus lesson on influencer research and engagement. 

Week 6 – Implementation and next steps

It’s no use having a supercharged strategy if you don’t think about how you’re going to execute it. We’ll focus more on mindset and why it matters and put some measures in place to hold you accountable to your next steps. With our guidance and support you’ll finish the course knowing exactly what you need to do to and feeling confident to launch right in!

Stop feeling stuck and give your social media marketing a confidence boost that delivers results

Melissa and Carly made social media so simple to get to grips with. Bitesize steps along the way enabled me to understand and use Instagram with confidence. They’re always there to help and support.”

Why listen to us?

Our mission is to give women the tools they need to feel empowered to market themselves and their businesses with confidence and clarity.

We recognise the impact harnessing social media marketing has had on our own lives and want to share our expertise. As far as we’re concerned, the more women out there defining their own success and then smashing it, the better! 

Not only are we qualified experts in social media marketing, we’re also trained coaches. This means we get to share our knowledge and skills whilst giving you more support throughout the process. Our approach focuses on mindset as much as method – the two go hand in hand if you want to really make your business thrive.


Course of modules, coaching and bonus content

Three payments

One-off beta price of three instalments
It’s enabled us to turn our business that was a kitchen table business into a brand with a community, followers doubled, website clicks increased by 80%, and conversions rocketed over £139K.

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