I studied Marketing and Communications at University many moons ago when Social Media didn’t even exist! I have always been fascinated with how the marketing world works. Fast forward just a few years and I decided to try my hand at blogging, what I soon realised that it wasn’t the blogging I loved so much but the Social Media itself. It’s so amazing to see how communities can be built and relationships formed all from a computer or phone. It became quite clear really quickly that Social Media can enhance businesses, for example I now shop on Instagram, sell things on Facebook and create ideas on Pinterest and this is just the tip of the iceberg. What I quickly discovered, was how fast paced the Social world and to stay on top of it you need to be in it, which is why I retrained in Social Media, so I can help businesses achieve their Social Media potential.


“Melissa can regularly be found in an Insta hole. She loves tea and pasta. Married to Max, she has a 4 year old daughter, a baby boy and a crazy Springer called Monty. ”




Hello! I'm Carly. I’ve had a passion for all things Social Media since creating my facebook profile many years ago and making it my career was my dream. After having my first baby, I knew it was the time to try and make that dream a reality. I wanted to find a work life balance where I could fulfill my passion and expertise on helping businesses achieve a presence on Social Media whilst bringing up my children.
I want to help others find that balance too. My interests are (but not inclusive to), prosecco, time with my family and friends, cheese, Social Media and tabloid magazines (not in that order)


"Communication is key. How many times have you heard that right? But it’s so true...We have all of these outlets at our fingertips but without engagement and communicating with our audiences, how are they to know who we are? ”